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Anonymous asked:
I'm from Tennessee and my WHOLE family lives there and they are the typical backwoods kinda people but I moved to south Florida when I was young but I spend enough time in Tennessee that I never lost track of my roots and my family defiantly doesn't let me forget where I came from but Florida is NOT country at all like some parts is hardly consider the south 😕

I know. I’ve heard many different opinions. Some people from Florida are very Southern. Some are not. I guess it just depends

Anonymous asked:
Luke Bryan. Nuff said.

I’m thinking more of Justin Moore 😉

Anonymous asked:
Us southern girls have the BEST personalities! I mean whats not to love?


Attention Monogram Lovers

Would you like a monogram?

I can make them! Specifically for phone backgrounds though.
Here’s how you get it.

Simply go to my personal blog:
click on the “message me” link and write the following:

Initials- First Last Middle, example jRa
What color you would like the font to be.
I can do many fonts but the traditional vine font looks the best with how I make them.
What background you would like, example “lilly pulitzer ice cream social” or “mossyoak camo” 

And viola! I will have it posted on my personal blog in no time :)

Anonymous asked:
Workin sun up to sun down, never complaining about hard work, working hard all day everyday, and always going on with life! Keep it country girls!!!

Aw yeah!!!